Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the material?

The material is thin, clear, self-adhesive Polyurethane that is approximately .012 inches (.305mm) thick. Since it is clear it will not change the cosmetic appearance of the aircraft.

Will it turn yellow?

No, it will not turn yellow. The material is not affected by ultraviolet light.

What is the lead time for delivery?

We stock every catalog product, every day. If we have an order by 3PM Eastern Time, we can ship that day.

Can I get a discount for larger orders?

Yes, 20% off retail, 5-14 pieces mix and match or 22.5% off retail if you buy 15 or more.

What is the shelf life?

Although we have no control over our customers’ atmosphere or storage conditions, we recommend the following:
1. Keep product sealed in its original box.
2. Do not store anything else with or on the product.
3. Store the product in an atmosphere that is clean and dry.
4. Store the product at room temperature.
5. Continually rotate product stock.
If the above conditions are met, shelf life is not an issue since it will be greater than five years.

What FAA form or approval is required to install erosion protective masks (boots)?

Since the installation of PM Research, Inc. masks is similar to applying a thick coat of paint, the PM Research, Inc. line of Erosion Protective Mask (boots) can be installed and the aircraft returned to service in the same manner as if it was just painted. Our products are not structural in nature and are not required to be FAA approved. We are not required to have a STC and we are not required to be PMA approved. Form 8130 is not required.

Is the product traceable?

The erosion mask products are produced by PM Research Inc. in Wellsville, NY and are fully traceable. We do offer Certificates of Conformance at no charge.

How soon can I fly after Erosion Protection is installed?

60 percent adhesion is obtained after 1 hour and near 100 percent after 24 hours. You can fly 1 hour after installing a Radome boot because the slip stream will hold it on and not try to peel it off. For other products with edges that are exposed to the force of the relative wind, a longer dwell time is required.

Is maintenance required over the life of a boot?

Clean and wax periodically as required. We recommend that you use full strength Knight’s Spray Nine or full strength Ultra Mr. Clean¨ to clean the mask (boot). Use a non-silicon based paste wax after each cleaning. Waxing will make cleaning easier and prevent bugs from staining.

Please note: Most waxes have a small amount of silicone to improve shine. These are OK! It is the silicone-based waxes that should be avoided to prevent problems with painting the aircraft in the future. Although PM Research does not recommend any particular brand, we know that Collinite Corp. (315) 732-2282, produces a couple of fine waxes which come highly recommended. The one we suggest is: Collinite No# SS 126 Liquid Sapphire Auto Wax. Another brand is Meguiar's. You can order these directly from them or through distributors. The user should determine an appropriate schedule to check for damage (i.e., cuts, blisters, perforations, edge lifting, etc.). At the first sign of damage, the mask (boot) should be replaced with the best protection available…A genuine PM Research protective mask (boot).

How do I remove a boot that needs to be replaced?

Carefully score the top surface of the mask with a razor blade knife dissecting the mask (boot) into triangular pie-shaped sections approximately 4″ to 6″ at the base. Pull sections off at approximately a 180 degree angle. If adhesive residue remains after removal of a mask (boot) from a PAINTED SURFACE, clean residue off with a rag saturated with 98% Isopropyl Alcohol (De-Ice Variety). Scrape residue off with a plastic squeegee. NOTE: Follow the solvent manufacturer’s safe handling procedures to prevent possible damage to the painted surface. Be sure to check with the paint manufacturer to make sure that this procedure will not affect the paint you are using in any way. To remove residue from a PLASTIC LENS, DO NOT USE MEK (methyl ethyl ketone) OR TOLUENE as they may damage the plastic. Use denatured solvent alcohol and some elbow grease.

What type of edge sealer do you recommend?

We recommend Loctite 409 Super Bonder Instant Adhesive Gel. Apply just enough to create a “fill it” between the material and aircraft surface.

NOTE: Applying too much may cause problems with removal in the future.

Do airlines or the military use these products?

Yes they do. PM Research products have been installed on the aircraft of more than 200 airlines throughout the world. We have product installed on jet fighters, cargo planes, helicopters and UAV’s. The same tough material that is used on civil aircraft stays on military planes at Mach + speeds.

Can I protect prop blades?

Since PM Research cannot control the installation of our products; we can not recommend they be used to protect prop blades. Improper installation might result in an “Out of Balance” situation. Considering the serious consequences which could result, PM Research will not assume any risk or liability whatsoever in connection therewith.

What is included with the mask (boot)?

1. Shop Manual
2. Spray Nozzle
3. Clean Squirt Bottle
4. Plastic Squeegee
5. Water Soluble Pen
6. Spout Cap for measuring dishwashing liquid

Are additional materials required for installation?

Yes, you will need the following items:
1. 1/4 inch masking tape
2. Wetting Solution consisting of:
-4 oz. Isopropyl alcohol, 70 percent by volume (common rubbing alcohol)
-12 oz. Distilled Water
-14 drops clear or white ONLY dishwashing liquid, regular strength, or 7 drops concentrated.
We will provide a dropper cap which will fit most US brands of dishwashing liquid.
3. Razor Blade Knife (new blade only)
4. Paper Towels (High quality, oil free, single ply only)
5. Rubber hospital-type gloves
6. Non-silicon based automotive paste wax
7. For installation over stripes or on a new or freshly polished lens:
-600-1500 grit sandpaper
-Sanding block
-Rubbing compound
8. Scissors or Tin Snips

Do our boots create static?

No, our boots do not create static. Our boots have a high dielectric strength and act as an insulator.

Can our boots be used to protect heated leading edges?

Since PM Research cannot control the installation of our products, we CANNOT recommend they be used on heated leading edges. Before using, the user shall determine the suitability of the product for its intended use, and user assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith.

Can our products be used to prevent marine fouling, such as barnacles?

No, the material is porous and barnacles can attach to our product.

What types of radomes do our products cover?

We cover all types of radomes and antennas.

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